Thursday, April 2, 2009


(Cub) Both Gu and I decided to write about yesterdays mountain bike ride even though we had a great time this past weekend at the Redlands Rotary Ride, Redlands Classic and LA Circuit Race. Today's blog was written as if it was happening to us at the moment (Gu thought it had more creative flair from that perspective).

Setting the stage: April 1st, 2009. A short ride up Cypress Mountain Road to show Megan the wildflowers that Cub saw the day before on his long ride through the beautiful hills between us and Paso Robles/Templeton. After riding up and down we decided to take riding photos and some off the bike...

CUB ... Rider without a Name (Human)

"This is the spot," Megan says "Can't you see the red flower."

"I know this is the spot, but I can't find the flower," I reply.

Megan takes Gu out of the pack and she is slowly moving up the hill with Gu. She's stopping near the red flower.

"Megan can you move a bit so I can get a better shot of Gu and the flower, " I say.

Megan is moving a bit to the left and Gu spots something. Boy he gets scared easy. Its probably a small bug or something.

Click. Click. Zooming in. Click.

"What do you want GU?" Megan says. "Cub I don't know what he wants."

"Boy he's cute though," I say. "Okay, that's probably enough pics for today." Climbing up the small hill.

Megan picks GU up...
GU...The GREAT Chiweenie (DOG)

What's that noise I hear. I guess I can take a closer look. WHOA!!! That's a snake. That's a SNAKE.

"MOM. MOMMMMM!!!" I say. "Don't you see the snake? It's goin' to eat me. Can't they open their mouths 3 times the size of their head? If that's true, he could eat me."

Megan's not paying attention to my pleas. I guess I have to meerkat to show I'm serious. WHAT? Your still not picking me up.

CUB. Quit taking pictures and come get me. PLEASE!!!!

YES. Cub's walking up the hill. "Okay, that's probably enough pics for today," he says.

"SNAKE," Megan finally says. Pick me up. Yes. She does. "It's right there", she says.

"Where?" Cub says.

"There," she says, "Let's go."

Put me down I'll get us out of here. I'm going to run out of here as fast as I can.