Thursday, May 27, 2010

TOUR of CALIFONIA video...coming soon!

The software Cub downloaded to edit videos crashed on we are still editing, but should have things posted in the next couple of days.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Chiweenie ROCKS the TOUR OF CALIFORNIA

I'm been following the Amgen's Tour of California with CHOMPS and Cub. We've been interviewing people throughout the week and will be slowing getting them up on this blog and our website. (Cub is having technical difficulties with the videos, but they will be up soon).

We have some small buttons that we will be handing out at the last 4 stages (Bakersfield, Big Bear, L.A, and Thousand Oaks)...find us and ask for one! (limited supplies)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WHERE AM I? : Contest 3


Every week we will be putting more of the original picture up with a hint posted below (and this messege). If you know where GU is, you can send an email to or wait til its posted on our website and there will be an answer box for you to put your answer and email address (in case you WIN!!!). We will take the first 5 correct answers and randomly choose 1 to win. ONLY ONE (1) GUESS PER WEEK PER EMAIL ADDRESS.

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC! I know someone could say GU is on EARTH. And even though that is true, its not specific enough...

Lance Armstrong was riding and Frank Schlek won the stage.
week 3:It was the first time the race had visited this county and I was unusually cold for that area.

week 2:I was at the finish line and only got to see the riders once on this day!

week 1 : I am at a major U.S. bike race (answer is not the name of the bike race...which city am I at?)

Any one (1) product at our store (

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Chomps first real group ride. He looks to have figured out the positioning, but still doesn't understand how to move to the good smells yet.

CUB, human

Chomps first real group ride. GU went back with Megan's mom (with Megan) to keep her company while Chomps and I (and a few other riders) went through Hidden Valley. This was a ride we did often when I worked down here. Chomps seems good in the pack. Sometimes he feels like he is all the way out, but mostly b/c his body is longer than GU's.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We had 2 judges and they both choose the middle one...this means the winner of CONTEST 2 - WHERE AM I? is LISA.

The correct answer was MT. BAKER in WASHINGTON STATE.

Congrats to all those that got the correct answer! We will be posting some more videos hopefully tonight and all next week look for new blogs (hopefully daily).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

THE OTTER!!! Sea Otter Bike Festival

Sea Otter wore us out. We're too pooped to write much, but here goes.

Sea Otter is a festival of bikes and we always love the are a couple of pics from the days there...(so much stuff, so little time)

This bike drew lots of looks...crazy light Cannondale FLASH.

Me (GU...the dog) looking at some cool sliding dropouts on the new SALSA MARIACHI...if I remember right.

Hardwood bikes...that's cool. All of them were pretty rad. The bike company was RENOVO.

One thing about bike racing is you get to hang out with the world's best without much hassle. Here are two superstars from TEAM LUNA CHIX ...

Georgia Gould...she won the short track and cross-country titles at this years SEA OTTER

Katrina 10 in the cross-country (8th)

Its great when they don't mind getting their pictures taken with us.

Yes, this was the first time Chomps and I shared a pack. I don't know why he insists on looking the same way I look. He's kind of a copy-dog.

He needs his nails cut too... (CUB: If he gets his nails cut, so do you)

Here are some future women's stars...ALEXIS and KENDELL RYAN, and their dad (guy in background with helmet on) and Jeff.

New Sleeping works!

GU, the Great Chiweenie (DOG)
I love wind! Its one of the best things in the world.

I hate cold! Its one of the worst things in the world.

After a crazy night, with Megan and Cub being a little stressed. It was unusual that Megan was the one barking, and not Chomps or myself. But we were all ready for bed.

I love sleeping in the tent, but the ELEMENT would have to do. Cub wasn't gonna put up the tent in the wind and I think Megan and him like to sleep in the car every once in a while. I noticed right away that Cub got a new sleeping bag...SIERRA DESIGNS ARROW ROCK. Through the night, I got to test it out a bit, but the real test was the next day.

After riding sweep in the girls varsity race, I was pooped and cold. The new bag came in handy. I didn't move for over an hour. It just filled in all those cold pockets that weren't covered by my extra sugar. I would recommend it to any dog that needs a good place to lay his head.

Our first test of the bag was at Lake Arrowhead for the SOCAL high school mountain bike race #3. The wind was howling and the free camping was desolate. We rode earlier in the day with our team riders and went out to eat. The wind kept blowing while the temperature was dropping. After dinner, I pulled a little to far into the intersection and a car was coming, so I backed up a foot and we heard a honk from behind. I backed into them with my bike rack, but there wasn't a scratch.

Luckily, I kept my mouth shut and just took the verbal abuse from the non-drivers who were far from being sober, in more ways than one. Megan didn't, but luckily we drove away as one said it was okay. Then we were followed by them for a while, so I drove in directions that weren't where we were staying, but near businesses. Finally, they turned around and drove by us again, then went off into the darkness.

Relieved and tired, we pulled into the camping car with a tent behind it and an RV. We tooked stuff out of the car so we could use the HONDA ELEMENT the way it was designed...combine the front and back seat (taking off the headrest) makes into a nice recliner bed. We stuffed the area between the seats and got into out sleeping bags. My new SIERRA DESIGN ARROW ROCK was now my first 3 season bag. I was joined by Chomps, while GU slept with Megan to start.

I slept well in the ELEMENT and ARROW ROCK...the only times I woke were to see if our stuff outside blew away or not. I was toasty warm and noticed the many features of the bag that I would probably never use, but could if needed (you can attach you bag to a sleeping pad so you don't slide off while asleep).

Luckily, the races went better than the night before. After the race was packed up, snow soon followed.