Thursday, February 25, 2010

The WINNER is __________!!!

Cub (Human)

We gathered all the correct answers and wrote down the names on pieces of recycled cardboard. Placed them outside, equal distance from the corner of building and had a "cookie" on each one (Each cookie was equal in

We sent out Chomps to's the results!!!

GU, the GREAT chiweenie

Why did you say GU in the video? Can't you recognize your own children?

The original picture was taken on the MISSOURI RIVER in MONTANA, near the town of FT. BENTON. THE MISSOURI BREAKS will be the trip our next picture book will be about...look for it later this year. Thanks to all that played and we will have the new "Where am I?" Contest up soon. Other people that got the answer correct were Diane, David, Sarah and Julie...GOOD JOB!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


2 nights ago (CHOMPS is always stressed alert when awake - sitting in pic, GU is relaxed alert - laying in pic)

Where's Chomps? He's not in his crate...he's not in the bathroom (run downstairs)...he's not in the kitchen...hmm, I smell food, WAIT!, where's Chomps?... (run upstairs and down the hall)...No Chomps here...back to the bedroom to tell CUB and MEGAN..."GU, what are you doing," Megan calls out. Cub sits up and lifts the covers off his upper body and then his legs. "Gu, Chomps is right here...don't step on him," Cub states. Sniff, sniff, sniff...Yep, that's Chomps (waggle, waggle, waggle). I saved the day! Back to sleep (Back to the armpit).

(GU leaves the bedroom)..."What's he doing?" I ask Megan. "I don't know," Megan replies. (This is the second time he's left the room. Megan already went and got him from downstairs once.) "GU, what's wrong?",I ask. (Gu walks in. I lift the blankets off of me) Please don't step on him...I don't want to see the TIRED TIRADE. Chomps slightly acknowledges that its not as dark as it was with the covers on. GU sees Chomps and sniffs while wagging his tail. "AWWW!!!", in unison with Megan. I lay down and GU promptly finds his spot in the armpit. Megan says, "That's a good big brother!".


WE ONLY NEED ONE MORE CORRECT ANSWER FOR THE "WHERE AM I?" CONTEST. Correct answer will be posted next week and the one (1) t-shirt winner will be announced. Look at old posts to help and the biggest hints are the 2 dogs SEAMAN and SHEP...find their stories and the correct answer should appear.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


3 people have guessed the right answer so far...We only need 2 more before we draw to see who gets the t-shirt...

Look at the other clues and pictures and do some research on SHEP and you can figure it out!

Welcome CHOMPS!

First Impressions of our new chiweenie, CHOMPS


1...Are my parents having a puppy affair? Who is that they're holding?

2...Beware of growling blankets!!!! And don't step on them!

3...He's not afraid of the evil monster WALL! He just jumps over it.

4...He is always talking.


1...The house is not a bathroom.

2...When he sleeps, he's asleep...don't try to wake him

3...If there is food in the house, he will find it (and paper is not a food).

4...Don't be surprised to find him on window ledges, desks, or anyplace else you wouldn't look for GU.

Here's a video from our first ride with CHOMPS...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

WHERE AM I??? The full picture.

Every week we will be putting more of the original picture up with a hint posted below (and this messege). If you know where GU is, you can send an email to or wait til its posted on our website and there will be an answer box for you to put your answer and email address (in case you WIN!!!). We will take the first 5 correct answers and then randomly choose 1 to win. ONLY ONE (1) GUESS PER WEEK PER EMAIL ADDRESS.

PLEASE BE SPECIFIC! I know someone could say GU is on EARTH. And even though that is true its not specific enough...(there is more than one answer that we will accept for this week)

NEW CLUE: Shep is another famous dog that is well known here (remember we will accept more than one answer). Shep's story is sad, but a neat story.

(week 3)There is a trail named after these explorers (trail name will help you guess locations...look at picture for more help)

(week 2)Seaman's owners were famous explorers.

(week 1)Seaman and his owners traveled here.



We've had people guess the explorers and some come close, but not correct guesses yet.