Tuesday, March 24, 2009



We went for a ride and stopped at one of my favorite spots (Sebastian's near Hearst Castle). I know Cub went off on his birthday ride with a group of people we know. Megan and I decided to work the lunch detail. My job was to be a good watchdog and protect the sandwiches.

Megan drove and I continued to do my job (and doing it well, I think.). I hate curvy roads. I try to grip onto the seat, but each turn is a full body workout. I've never fallen off the seat, but didn't want today to be a first.

We finally see riders, but no Cub yet. They all looked really cold and beat. We checked on everyone and finally saw Cub cruising behind Big Tom at the bottom of the hill. He seemed cold, but pretty comfortable.

Then it was time for my job to end and Megan pulled out the lunches. Everyone gathered around the heater and munched on their food. I could see happiness on their pained faces at that point (and maybe only at that point). I wanted cake, but I think it was chocolate...DRATS.

The ride home was slow with stops to check on the pack. Tyler opted for the metric century, so he was hanging with us in the car. On the way back to drop him off, we saw one of the riders getting picked up early (not the century or the metric century). He tried to hide his face, but I know who it was (not to mention any names...).

Cub finally made it home with a smile on his face as he finished his lunch off with a little help from me!


My birthday ride was a century from Cambria to the top of Nacimiento (no clue how to spell it) and back. Approximately 100 miles with 0ver 8000 feet of climbing. I decided to ride with Tyler, Big Tom and Jim. We kept a constant pace all the way til the 2700 foot climb (half-way mark).

We didn't see much of the pack that we started with or the others who opted for the 55 mile version from Ragged Point, but the ride was beautiful. Not a sunny day, or even a very warm day, but its still Southern Big Sur coast at its best.

We started to see the other riders as they were going downhill. "Don't hang out at the top, its freezing up there," one of the Mike's said as he cruised past us on his way down. One by one, out of the fog another rider would go by.

Tyler had bike issues on the way up and Big Tom flatted on the way down, but we weren't in a hurry. I had given Megan a time frame and we were still on pace to eat lunch at Sand Dollar.

By the time we got to lunch, most of the riders were already done eating and gathering around a fire built in one of the camping grills. The few blankets from the car around some of the riders helped warm the bodies that still needed to ride 40 more miles.

The ride back was quick except for the grinding noises coming from my bike. I stopped before the major downhills to try to figure it out or at least to ease my mind. Descending the hills in Big Sur don't leave much room for error, human or mechanical.

Back at home, Gu and Megan greeted me in their own way. Man that sandwich tasted good.

Thanks to all who came and took part.

Friday, March 13, 2009



"What's mine is yours," I told Cub by placing my chew bone by his foot. He seemed stressed out looking for all the stuff he needs for tax time. He thanked me for my willingness to share, "thanks Gu, but no thanks. You can keep chewing on it."

While Cub has been battling with his own demons, I've been working hard to hold my ground on the local turf wars. There has been a BIG older dog that has been trying to work me over and take the pavement and bushes that were by all means, MINE!

I've been drinking water by the tub and eating everything I can, just for that opportunity to go outside and mark my land. I even speak my mind when I hear the BULLY outside trying to take my bushes and poles.

Cub lets me out almost every time I speak. "Well, let's go see what's out there," he would say and I would rush down the stairs and out the door. I'd look down the drive and one time we had a showdown. I think I scared him off for good...we'll see.


What's mine is now my endless search for receipts for the tax man. It has been stressing me out. I think even GU could see my frustration as I looked through all the piles of papers in the house. He probably thought I was sniffing around for food as I was down on all fours scouring through the piles.

I felt a quick soft touch on the back of my leg, so I looked over. Gu dropped his yellow chew bone at my feet and even though I appreciated the gesture, I really didn't want it, "thanks Gu, but no thanks. You can keep chewing on it." He then proceeded to chew the bone for the next hour.

Other than that, Gu has been the other species on a mission. I think he was purposely drinking as much water as he could, just so he could mark his territory outside. Our neighbors 3 doors down were around for the week and their little dog seemed to like Gu's favorite pee spots. And somehow, Gu has been pooping 4 times a day vs. the normal 2.

They did have a standoff the other day. Gu rarely barks, but does when he feels his territory is being approached on. He won't stop barking until I let him out to prove the scary threats are long gone. But ONCE, the small neighborly dog was sitting on the long drive. Gu stared. The other dog stared back. GU GROWLED. THE OTHER DOG GROWLED BACK. Gu ran back inside the house. I don't think he'll be back out there any time soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Are you Kidding me?

GU, the Great Chiweenie (dog - we think)

...I look at Cub, "why are you waking me?" Stretching my legs and elongating my back I put my head back down and go back to sleep.

CUB, the rider without a name (human - we think)

..."are you kidding me?" as I'm awoken by this loud vibrating noise. HHHHAWWWWGGGGG! I didn't know GU could pig call like that. HHHHAWWWGGGGGGGG! "GU!" I say quietly, trying not to wake Megan (how did she sleep through it I don't know) as I lightly touch GU's chest.

He wakes up and lifts his head off my pillow and gives me THE LOOK, more stern than Lance Armstrong to Jan Ullrich. He proceeds to stretch and lays his head back down and was snoring again before I could close my eyes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



It was the normal wait. Cub reading as I sit patiently looking down the drive. There she is...she's home. I get a little excited and shout with glee.

I stay on Cub's lap (in the little camping chair) and when I hear the parking brake I jump away to greet Megan. My back legs clipped Cub's hands and 4 feet away I land face first.

Its a little fuzzy what happened next, but then I did my job and greeted Megan with all my heart.

My wip is a wittel swoyen now!


It was the normal wait. Gu sitting somewhat patiently looking down the drive and me reading a comic book. We see Megan's car and Gu can't control his excitement, wagging his tail and whining as only Gu can do.

He stays on my lap as she drove all the way down the drive and engaged the parking brake and he was off. Whack! Face plant onto the driveway. He stood up and tongue was going in and out while he looked stunned.

When he saw Megan he still tried to show all his excitement and within 2 minutes he was full Goobie dog excited.

We watched him and wouldn't let him sleep for a while, but the only thing we could see was a little blood on his chew toy, so that was taken away. For a little bit, a soft-food diet.

He seems fine today!