Thursday, July 29, 2010

Supporting a 8 hour mountain bike racer and the stuck car

GU, aka THE GREAT CHIWEENIE (dog) We were lucky enough to enjoy the BOGGS 8 hour mountain bike race. I didn't ride, but I did help support my mom as she pedaled by us each lap. CHOMPS and I had the toughest job of the day, protecting the food. We also rode a bit around base camp and walked some (Chomps and Cub even went for a run).

During the ride, we were at our full alertness, but we were tired from the drama the night before. All these people were surrounding our car, while it felt like we were teeter-totting back and forth. Finally and after some burning smells, we moved away from the people and settled down in the portable den for the night.

All in all, a great place for us to watch the race and enjoy the beautiful warm smells that flowed through the forest.

CUB, aka THE GREAT PANINI (person)
We were lucky enough to support Megan as she tried her first 8 hr mountain bike race. It was nice and hot (for the supporters), but crazy hot for the riders. I was getting the food ready and making sure she had a CAMELBAK filled and ready to go. GU and CHOMPS seemed to enjoy the venue. I think there job was to look cute and sleep. Every once in awhile they thought some other dog was gonna get their food, but most of the time they seemed content finding that perfect spot.

Now we were tired from the long drive up the night before and then the whole issue of me driving the Honda Element a little off the off-road and high centered the car. Luckily, a whole bunch of people camping in the surrounding area pushed and made a ramp for up to finally break free (dreading taking it back to the shop to see what the damage might be).

Great race venue and atmosphere (where else do 20 people come out of the woods to push a car come from). JIM NORTHEY puts on some fun Thanks again to all those who helped out.